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Web site: https://www.iusg.net/

About: "The IUSG was formed in 1978 by a small number of clinicians who shared a common interest in uveitis. Over the next almost 40 years the group has increased in size to over 100 uveitis specialists from all over the world.

The IUSG comprises clinicians and researchers who are committed to stimulate, encourage, and intensify a converted effort in research and clinical management of uveitis, with the goal of developing new methods for the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of the blinding complications of uveitis."

NIHR CRN Ophthalmology

Web site: https://www.nihr.ac.uk/nihr-in-your-area/ophthalmology/

About: "The Ophthalmology Specialty is one of 30 specialties which bring together communities of clinical practice to provide national networks of research expertise. It is made up of research-interested clinicians and practitioners at both national and local levels. Our job is to ensure that the ophthalmology studies that are included in our national portfolio of clinical research receive the right support to ensure they are delivered successfully in the NHS."

Ophthalmic NIHR Statistics Group

Web site: https://statistics-group.nihr.ac.uk/research/ophthalmology/

About: "The Ophthalmic Research Group is led by Dr Catey Bunce, Reader in Medical Statistics at Kings College London, Honorary Statistician at the NIHR Moorfields BRC

All statistical members of this group are members of the Ophthalmic Statistics Group (OSG).

The OSG is a group of statisticians who have come together because of a common interest in ophthalmology. The group is open to members across the UK and beyond. The aspiration of the Ophthalmic Statistics Group is to “raise quality of statistics in ophthalmic publications."

NIHR Research Design Service

Web site: https://www.nihr.ac.uk/about-us/how-we-are-managed/our-structure/research/research-design-service/

About: "Our Research Design Service (RDS) provides support to health and social care researchers across England on all aspects of developing a grant application including, research design, research methods, identifying funding sources and involving patients and the public. Their advice is confidential and free of charge."

Fight for Sight Eye Research Charity

Web site: https://www.fightforsight.org.uk/

About: "Our mission is to stop sight loss in its tracks. By funding pioneering eye research, we're creating a future everyone can see."

Birdshot Society

Web site: https://birdshot.org.uk/

About: "Birdshot Uveitis Society (BUS) is a support group for people with the rare, hard-to treat, autoimmune, posterior uveitis called birdshot chorioretinopathy.  More recently, it is being called birdshot uveitis, but is also known as birdshot retinochoroidopathy.

BUS is a registered charity and works closely with two other UK uveitis organisations: the Scottish Uveitis Network (SUN), and Olivia's Vision (OV), as well as our sister birdshot organisations in France.  BUS supports people with birdshot from around the world as well as within the UK."

Medical Ophthalmology Society UK

Web Site: http://www.mosuk.co.uk/

About: "The importance of medicine in ophthalmology to ophthalmologists in training became apparent to a group of specialists with the advent of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists examinations. The group, consisting of John Shilling, John Forrester, Colin Kirkness, Erna Kritzinger, Tom Barry and Paul Dodson, recognised that there was a lack of knowledge and awareness of the aspects of medicine relevant to ophthalmology, and this led to the formation of the Medical Ophthalmological Society (UK) whose aim was to foster joint working between medicine and ophthalmology, and to stimulate interest in a new speciality of medical ophthalmology/ophthalmic medicine."