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Guidance links

We have two pages with guidance specifically for patients and clinicians during the COVID-19 pandemic:

Guidance for patients is available here

Guidance for clinicians is available here

Updates 30th June

For parents and children: Paediatric Rheumatology and Ophthalmology FAQ

This new guidance for parents and children as school is reopening is available  here

Support for visually impaired people in the workplace

This guide to resources for visually-impaired people in the workplace covers advice about legal rights, pecuniary support for patients  and general advice.  

Leaving the Lockdown part 1: The Recovery and Reshape of Uveitis and other Ophthalmic Services

Part 1 video (Tuesday 12th May 2020) here

This focused on insights into aspects of planning needed for recovery, and longer-term service re-organisation of uveitis and other ophthalmic services. Guests were healthcare leaders from diverse fields: uveitis clinicians, senior NHS management, experts on digital health, technology and research.

Leaving the Lockdown part 2: Practical Strategies for Resuming and Reshaping Clinical Service in Uveitis and other Ophthalmic Specialties

Part 2 video (Tuesday 2nd June 2020) here

This focused on shared experience and practical learning from uveitis specialists in the UK and Eire during the Recovery phase of COVID19. 



Update to NHS FAQs for shielding patients published on 16th May 2020, available (as PDF) here

New! Patient Information: How Are Ophthalmic Services Changing in the UK as lockdown eases?

This is a video from Oxford to show how eye clinics and hospitals in the UK are likely to be changing and answers some important questions.  (Video Shared by Graphic artist Jon Brett, Oxford Eye Hospital)


Leaving the Lockdown: Shielding Update.

NHSE have informed us that shielding is to end for high risk patients on 30th June .
Here is the updated letter for high risk patients regarding this update on shielding.

We do not know if there will be another wave of infections, local/ national lockdowns and  if uveitis patients will be asked to shield in the future.


Clinician Guidance for Management of patients during COVID-19 Pandemic COVID-19 Recovery letter for OPD 15/05/2020

A draft letter for patients during the upcoming recovery phase of the pandemic is available here.

This guidance is for uveitis specialists treating patients during the COVID-19 pandemic. It has been created by the UCSG in partnership with paediatric and adult rheumatologists and in consultation with NHSE, in order to provide a unified cross-disciplinary response. The evidence base for this guidance is evolving daily, and we aim to provide frequent updates in order to provide clear and accurate information in what is a rapidly changing clinical environment.

A draft NHSE letter which can be sent to high-risk patients is available here (updated 11/05/20)


Google Groups for Clinicians  GoogleGroups

Resources for Patients

A YouTube video from the Uveitis CSG Comms Officer here summarizes a number of resources for patients. 

Up to date government guidance on social distancing and self / household isolation is available here

Leeds teaching hospitals NHS Trust guide to risk stratification for patients on immunosuppression and social distancing - a flowchart

What is shielding/household isolation? - A BBC article

Parents and Children UPDATED 20/04/2020

COVID FAQ leaflet for parents and children.  This is a new and useful resource for families of children with inflammatory eye disease (particularly those on immunosuppressive agents).  It was developed in response to incoming questions from families. We hope you find it useful –  a version is also being hosted by CCAA here

For parents and childrenthis is a video from the Paediatric Rheumatology European Assocation which provides recommendations for children and young adults with rheumatic conditions

There is also an guide to social distancing and shielding for child/teenage rheumatology patients here (Last updated 10/04/20)