Our Partners

Below are details and links to our partners. Links will be opened in a new window. The details for each partner is taken directly from their website. If our details are not up to date please contact the Uveitis study group.

Fight for Sight Eye Research Charity

Web site: https://www.fightforsight.org.uk/

About: "Our mission is to stop sight loss in its tracks. By funding pioneering eye research, we're creating a future everyone can see."


Paediatric Ocular Inflammation Group

Web site: https://www.ucl.ac.uk/child-health/poig

About: The Paediatric Ocular Inflammation Group (POIG) was formed in order to support the development of the evidence base necessary to inform management strategies, service commissioning and service delivery for children with ocular inflammatory disorders including: Uveitis, Orbital inflammation, Inflammatory ocular surface disorders, Scleritis and Optic nerve inflammation.  


Paediatric Rheumatology Clinical Study Group


Web site: https://www.arthritisresearchuk.org/research/research-funding-and-policy/our-clinical-study-groups/paediatric-rheumatology.aspx

Misson: "All children and young people in the UK with a rheumatological condition may be given the opportunity to be enrolled in a clinical trial or well conducted clinical study from point of diagnosis onwards, and in so doing improve the care and outcome of them and patients with similar conditions in the future; and to have the option of contributing towards a related, fully informed and consented Biobank (e.g. DNA and Serum) for subsequent investigation into the cause of their condition."


Medical Ophthalmology Society UK

Web Site: http://www.mosuk.co.uk/

About: "The importance of medicine in ophthalmology to ophthalmologists in training became apparent to a group of specialists with the advent of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists examinations. The group, consisting of John Shilling, John Forrester, Colin Kirkness, Erna Kritzinger, Tom Barry and Paul Dodson, recognised that there was a lack of knowledge and awareness of the aspects of medicine relevant to ophthalmology, and this led to the formation of the Medical Ophthalmological Society (UK) whose aim was to foster joint working between medicine and ophthalmology, and to stimulate interest in a new speciality of medical ophthalmology/ophthalmic medicine."


Patient Charities

Olivia's Vision

Web site: http://www.oliviasvision.org/

About: "OV was established in 2010 to provide information, support and advice for anyone affected by uveitis. Every year, an estimated 9,000 new case of uveitis are diagnosed in the UK, with uveitis now the third leading cause of AVOIDABLE blindness.

The OV website will see you through from diagnosis to treatment. Baffling medical terms are explained in the Glossary; the Helpline and email service is available for anyone to use, while the Forum has created a community, enabling uveitis sufferers, together with their families and friends, to connect with others in the same position.

Olivia's Vision also looks to the future by raising funds to train new uveitis experts, specialist paediatric nurses and research regarding potential new treatments, so that one day, vision loss from uveitis is eliminated."

Birdshot Society

Web site: https://birdshot.org.uk/

About: "Birdshot Uveitis Society (BUS) is a support group for people with the rare, hard-to treat, autoimmune, posterior uveitis called birdshot chorioretinopathy.  More recently, it is being called birdshot uveitis, but is also known as birdshot retinochoroidopathy.

BUS is a registered charity and works closely with two other UK uveitis organisations: the Scottish Uveitis Network (SUN), and Olivia's Vision (OV), as well as our sister birdshot organisations in France.  BUS supports people with birdshot from around the world as well as within the UK."